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A Scandal of the Wing Chun School – Someone Falsely Claims To Be Leader of the School

The tradition of Chinese kung Fu attaches utmost importance to the cultivation of martial virtue. Kung fu learners consider it first important to respect their teachers and adhere to the principle. Therefore, an expert of kung fu is venerated by his colleagues first of all because of his martial virtue, and secondarily because of his martial skills. Chinese kung fu has all along considered important the difference of seniority.

If one is a third-generation disciple, he must not claim that he is of the second-generation, or he will be considered treacherous. Any martial artsman who tries to confuse seniority is looked upon as a traitor to his teacher and the founder. He will be intolerable to his school and will be looked down upon by people of other schools of the martial arts community. (By the way seniority is also clearly distinguished in martial arts circles in other countries. Take karate for example, a learner of the white belt is not allowed to identify himself as of the black belt.)

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