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Monthly Archives: December 1995

A Passion for Wing Chun (Part 2)

Master Wong Shun Leung is well known in the martial arts world. When he was younger he went out to try his Wing Chun against other styles of martial art. His intent was not to just fight, he wanted to see how Wing Chun. It is this search for perfection that has made him one of Wing Chun’s most famous ambassador

Wing Chun Kuen is said to be some four hundred years old. Its origins and early history are quickly becoming an area of a great deal of debate. Whatever the early history, today Wing Chun is perhaps the most popular Chinese style of Kung Fu.

The late grandmaster Yip Man is now a legendary figure in Chinese Martial Arts circles and the man responsible for bringing Wing Chun Kuen into the modern world. Yip Man taught many people and one of his most respected students is Master Wong Shun Leung.

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