My Way of Wing Chun

The Learning Curve


These days, I am based out of San Francisco Bay Area, California. I have been practicing the Art since 25th of November 2010. I started my journey in one of the Wing Chun schools, that follows W. Cheung lineage. After around six months, I moved to another school that follows Wong Shun Leung lineage. Unfortunately these days, I have paused my training due to other real life commitments and merely practicing Siu Nim Tao on the daily basis.

This blog (or site) is my personal diary that I decided to write, as I keep on practicing the art of Wing Chun. In addition to documenting my personal thoughts and progress, I am going to publish here, rare and interesting articles and/or interviews about Wing Chun masters and Wing Chun in general. Practically all articles that are/will be published on this blog, are taken from the original magazines I currently possess. Please note, references to the original article sources are provided at the bottom of each post.

Since I follow Wong Shun Leung lineage, I try to post as many articles as I can find about Wong Shun Leung Sifu. Having said that, I do not limit my self and I also publish here any other helpful and interesting information about Wing Chun. I want to express my special thanks to Michael Tse from the Tse Qigong Centre, the publisher of the Qi magazine. Much of the useful information published here, is taken from there.

The rights to the original article/interview sources belong to their respective owners and/or publishers. I do not claim the content as my own, I merely re-publish it on this blog in its original form. The only content I claim to own is: [a] posts about my progress as a Wing Chun practitioner and [b] my Personal Thoughts.