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My Take on William Cheung Wing Chun Controversy

In my About page I mentioned that I spent six months (before moving away) in one of Australia’s Wing Chun schools that follows the W. Cheung (WC hereafter) lineage and teaches the so-called Traditional Wing Chun (TWC). The school I am talking about is actually WC’s head quarters in Melbourne, Australia.

So, who is WC as we know him? He is a well-known persona in the Wing Chun world today. He has published many books, has done and is still doing Wing Chun seminars all over the world and has setup his own Wing Chun association with schools, franchises & affiliations in many countries around the world.

The big question here is:
How did WC succeed becoming such a prominent (some may say “controversial”) figure in Wing Chun?

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Bruce Lee’s Teacher (First UK Interview)

Wong Shun Leung, Wing Chun Sifu, gives his first U.K. interview to Bey Logan. (Interpreter: Nino Bernardo)

“I once took on ten guys carrying knives!” At these words, the seminar students all lean forward extra attentively. “And they never cut me once!” Twenty-five pairs of ears prick up simultaneously. What feat of kung fu did the teacher use to escape apparently certain death? “How did you do it, Sifu?”, someone asks. Wong Shun Leung mimes the action of running like hell, glancing over his shoulder as he does so! The timing is perfect, and the dry wit typical of a man who plays down the image of the kung fu master (a word he hates) and plays up his role as a Wing Chun teacher (a role he enjoys). “I can’t fight very well and my kung fu’s not very good”, says the man who won a reputation as being one of Hong Kong’s foremost challenge fighters, the man who taught the young Bruce Lee, the man who has just “adopted” a string of over twenty German Wing Chun schools from another organisation, a man who will still teach a small group at a London club with a still growing enthusiasm for his art.

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